About India CSR & Sustainability Conclave

Welcome to the India CSR & Sustainability Conclave, an esteemed initiative organized by Six Sigma Group and BrandsGlobal Media. This prominent award event aims to honor and commend the Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs), corporations, corporate foundations, SMEs, MSMEs, startups, and individuals who are actively contributing to society and fostering the growth of our economy using sustainable choices as their priority.


India Habitat Center,
New Delhi, India


04 September 2023

Objective of India CSR & Sustainability Conclave

The India CSR & Sustainability Conclave is a gateway to recognition, influence, and growth. As you walk the red carpet, imagine the prestige and global recognition your organization will receive. Your remarkable CSR initiatives will take center stage, captivating audiences and elevating your brand to new heights of success. The objectives we want to achieve for the participating companies are as below:

> Social Impact Recognition

> CSR Awareness Platform

> Synergistic Collaboration Hub

> Sustainable Impact Enabler

> Sustainable Impact Enabler

At the India CSR & Sustainability Conclave, where we celebrate the unsung heroes who are transforming communities and driving change through their unwavering dedication to social welfare practices.


Event Schedule

Here is our event schedule

EVENT DATE - 04 SEPTEMBER 2023 | TIMING - 09:00hrs TO 17:00hrs


Participants check-in and register for the event.

Brenden Legros


A symbolic ceremony to mark the beginning of the event.

Hubert Hirthe

Welcome Address

A warm greeting to all attendees.

Cole Emmerich

Chief Guest Speech

Inspiring words from our esteemed guest.

Jack Christiansen

Award Distribution

Recognition for outstanding achievements.

Alejandrin Littel

Panel- Discussion

India G20 presidency- with the lens of CSR & Sustainability.

Willow Trantow

Documentary Show

Insightful films showcasing corporate achievements.

Willow Trantow

Award Distribution

Recognition for outstanding achievements.

Willow Trantow

Corporate Speech

Valuable insights from a corporate representative.

Brenden Legros


CSR vs Sustainability

Hubert Hirthe

NGO/Innovator Mela

Exhibition or fair featuring non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and innovative projects.

Cole Emmerich

Networking Lunch

Enjoy a meal while connecting with other attendees.

Jack Christiansen

Documentary Show

Inspiring films highlighting the work of NGOs.

Alejandrin Littel


Inspiring speech or success story from a social entrepreneur.

Willow Trantow

Q & A with Experts

Interactive session to address audience questions

Willow Trantow

Documentary Show

More engaging films showcasing corporate initiatives

Willow Trantow

Documentary Show

More engaging films showcasing corporate initiatives

Willow Trantow

Panel Discussion

Role of CSR in promoting entrepreneurs/startups in the environment, AI & ML Space .

Willow Trantow

Fireside Chat

Dr.Bhaskar Chatterjee & Mr.Nikhil Pant

Willow Trantow

Tea Break

Take a break, refresh yourself with some tea

Willow Trantow

Special Guest Speech

A special address from a distinguished guest.

Willow Trantow

Award Distribution

Recognizing further outstanding achievements.

Willow Trantow

Vote of thanks

Expressing gratitude to all participants and contributors

Willow Trantow

Group Photography

Group photo session capturing the event's attendees

Event Venue

Event venue location, info and gallery

India Habitat Centre

Large cultural centre featuring plays, concerts & dance performances, plus film screenings & talks.

Award Categories

The award categories for the India CSR & Sustainability Conclave may vary depending on the organizers and the specific focus of the Conclave. However, here are some of the common award categories that may be included:

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  • The India CSR & Sustainability Conclave aims to honor and recognize organizations, including PSUs, corporations, SMEs, MSMEs, and startups, that prioritize sustainable choices and contribute to society and the economy. It serves as a platform to showcase and acknowledge outstanding corporate initiatives and their impact on social welfare and the environment.

  • The objectives of the India CSR & Sustainability Conclave include:

    Social Impact Recognition: Acknowledging and recognizing individuals and organizations dedicated to social welfare practices and supporting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

    CSR Awareness Platform: Providing a dynamic platform to highlight and share CSR initiatives, raising awareness about the importance of CSR in fostering a sustainable future.

    CSR Integration Catalyst: Encouraging organizations to seamlessly incorporate CSR principles into their core business strategies and celebrating the spirit of CSR.

    Synergistic Collaboration Hub: Creating an inclusive space for collaboration, networking, and partnerships among like-minded organizations and individuals working towards similar goals.

    Sustainable Impact Enabler: Actively supporting diverse SDGs and fostering a sustainable environment through targeted initiatives to create positive and lasting societal impact.

  • The India CSR & Sustainability Conclave is organized by Six Sigma Group and BrandsGlobal Media. Six Sigma Group is known for its commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, comprising companies focused on various industries. BrandsGlobal Media specializes in brand management consulting and research, leveraging digital channels to enhance business performance and brand reputation.

  • The nomination process for the Conclave involves the following steps:

    1. Visit the official website or use the provided link to access the nomination form.

    2. Fill out the form with necessary details about your organization or individual CSR initiatives, including their impact on society and alignment with the SDGs.

    3. Submit the nomination form along with supporting documents such as case studies, impact reports, and testimonials.

    4. A panel of experts will evaluate the nominations based on the criteria mentioned in the form.

    5. Shortlisted nominees will be notified and invited to attend the awards ceremony where the winners will be announced and felicitated.

  • Yes, there is a nominal fee for the nomination process to cover the cost of evaluating and shortlisting the nominations. The exact fee may vary depending on the type of organization or individual. Additionally, sponsorship packages are available for organizations interested in showcasing their products or services during the Conclave. The pricing and details of these packages can be obtained by contacting the organizers directly.

  • The India CSR & Sustainability Conclave presents awards in various sectors. Some of the award classifications include:

    Health Sector: Awards for health and wellness programs, healthcare initiatives, sanitation and hygiene, hunger and malnutrition eradication, and mental health and well-being.

    Education Sector: Awards for education and training programs, quality education excellence, and skill development.

    Environment Sector: Awards for sustainable business practices, environmental sustainability programs, water conservation and management, biodiversity conservation, clean energy initiatives, and climate change mitigation.

    Community Development Sector: Awards for community development programs, livelihood enhancement, rural infrastructure development, community engagement, disaster relief and rehabilitation, indigenous peoples empowerment, and urban development excellence.

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Sector: Awards for CSR initiatives, CSR leadership, CSR partnerships, CSR campaigns, CSR innovation, CSR reporting, CSR communication, and CSR diversity and inclusion.

    Social Impact Sector: Awards for social impact programs, women empowerment, poverty alleviation, gender equality and inclusion, and accessibility and inclusion.

    Philanthropy Sector: Awards for philanthropic programs and a lifetime achievement award for CSR.

    Technology and Innovation Sector: Awards for innovation in CSR, technology for social good, and digital empowerment.

    Supply Chain and Business Ethics Sector: Awards for ethical supply chain and financial inclusion excellence.

    Other Categories: Awards for national heritage preservation, hunger and malnutrition eradication, mental health and well-being, water conservation and management, sanitation and hygiene, and Swachh Bharat (clean India) initiatives.


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