Indian Company Sports Federation
(भारतीय कंपनी खेल महासंघ )
A Govt. Registered Sport Discipline a Nationally Non-Government Organisation (NGO.)
A National Company Sport Development Agency
Affiliated to :International Federation For Company Sport & Asian Company Sport Federation
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The Indian Company Sports Federation (ICSF) is a registered non-profit & non political organization, which pursues workers and General Public Welfare in the field of Corporate Sports and Sports for all.

To make more efforts to explore and create brands of Indian Asian, & international sports for all events and promote the development of various "sport for all and corporate sports" activites in India.

Reflecting india's diversity, the concept of company sports is to promote olympic ideal that sport is a human right for all company workers regardless of race,social class caste,creed and sex. the movment encourages sports activities that can be exercised by people of all ages. both sexes of women in sports and encourage them.

Sports is necessity of our life. it teaches us to stand up to the difficulties and dangers of worldly life which is real and true.

Sports provide a lot of recreation and physical and mental health, healthy mind exist in healthy body. sports often act like tonic and help to lift it out of depression and disappointment. it make our lite long. it contributes in physical fitness. Company Sports also helps workers coping with every day physical and mental burdens. In other words company sports has important health function. Company sports is a life style for workers.

Indian Company Sports Federation recently with the purpose to promote and encourage Company Sports. Throughout the country. ICSF response to the Physical activity for younger and ageing workers and to the encourage them to participate in slprts activities and women to support fair representation of their participation in sports regardless of race, social class and sex. Company Sports also helps workers employees coping with everdy physical and mental burdens. In other words, company sports has an imoprtant health function. ICSF also organize sports meet, events, workshop Championships on Asian & International Level, Sports Fastival etc.

Who is ICSF

The ICSF includes states company sports association. the indian company sports federation (ICSF) groups together and targets the blue and white collar workers of the companies affiliated to the ICSF via the state company sports association.

President says "Company Sports is a active healthy life style".
Shalvendra Gupta
(President )
" Sporting and physical recreation are a key mechanism through which real healthy life is achieved " is a well known saying."
Dr. M. P. Singh
( Secretary General / Treasurer )
Dr. Lekhraj belives on thought "Sports is life with the volume turned up ! say :"Barry Manu"
If you can't accept losing, you can't win ! say :"Vince Limbard"
Dr.Lekhraj Tanwar
( Working president )
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