Indian Company Sports Federation
(भारतीय कंपनी खेल महासंघ )
A Govt. Registered Sport Discipline a Nationally Non-Government Organisation (NGO.)
A National Company Sport Development Agency
Affiliated to :International Federation For Company Sport & Asian Company Sport Federation
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[Sports for all - Sports for Life, for Peace and Solidarity ]
Role and Mission : Role
It promotes the physical and mental health of children, youth and aged person.
It fosters, in a particular,a sense of responsibility and self control and sprit of fair-play.

It also contributes to world's common culture heritage. trnscending linguistbarries and diffirences of lifestyle habits and customs, it units athletes under a common rules to engage in competitive sports.

The development and the enlargement of the company employees sports among the people of the hired company employees and their families.

It also reflects peace and solidarity.
It there by depends sports person mutual understanding and awareness of people from all parts of world.

Our indian company sports federation acts as a contributory element in fostering international friendship and goodwill and promoting a new sense of cohsion around the world.
It refuses racial discrimination and encourages women participation in sport.

To attach importance to pleasure in games with special reference to sportily unprivileged sections of the population.

To promote sports activities in sports for all and specialy workers that ensure mentel and physical health bothe preventively and recreational and counteract injuries and illness.

To encourage openness and human understanding through offers of inexpensive sport activities in social-cultural companionship without demand for qualifications.


Our indian company sports federation copmlements the long term strategy for engagement and involvement of women, children,youths and aged person.

To support a fair representation of women in paricipation of sports and sports management.

To develop and encourage supports opportunities regardless of reginal discrimination, and creed and render services without any profit motive.

To organize sports meet,eventd,work shop, championship and to search new future talents, encourage them and give them chance to prove themselves.

To provide special consideration for rural, poor,weaker,under privileged and backward and tribal society.

To promote the feeling of love, mutual co- operation and brotherhood all around the world and increase the involvement from grassroots level.

To create a healthy social enviroment in the work place.

To encourage and support the development of the sport activities also through all generations.

To disseminate "Sports for All" as a global human right in all societies for everyone and every people in the India and World.

To provide monetary assistance in the shape of stipends, scholarship, grant for poor sportsmen & woman and meritorious and deserving students and to help training and coaching programmes for sports.

To work welfare and help for Govt & Non Govt. Employee and to teach stress and health management training programmes for employees and to study of competitives anxiety differences between male and female worker players etc.

To establish and run recreation centres, gymnasiums and sports complex for various games for the benefits of employee, youth, children and aged persons.

President says "Company Sports is a active healthy life style".
Shalvendra Gupta
( president )
" Sporting and physical recreation are a key mechanism through which real healthy life is achieved " is a well known saying."
Dr. M. P. Singh
( Secretary General / Treasurer )
Dr. Lekhraj belives on thought "Sports is life with the volume turned up ! say :"Barry Manu"
If you can't accept losing, you can't win ! say :"Vince Limbard"
Dr.Lekhraj Tanwar
( Working president )
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